cary s. leibowitz / candyass
accumulated crap for collectors
january 31 - february 24
(back gallery) . marco breuer
february 7-24

opening reception: saturday, february 10, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

In the installation, Accumulated Crap for Collectors, Clifford•Smith Gallery installs an extensive selection of multiples by Cary S. Leibowitz / Candyass dating from 1989 to the present.


For each of his numerous gallery and museum exhibitions mounted over the past twelve years, the artist has created a multiple. In his persistent exploration of the state of our common subconscious self-loathing/doubt and the supposedly non-consumer driven art market, the artist has purposely cheapened his medium by employing the most crass form of commercial dreck to make his point.
Here, we see teddy bears, frisbees, car windshield sun screens, yard sticks, pennants, coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc. used to remind us of the pretentiousness of the art world and our complicit role in maintaining it.
By often portraying himself as a fat, hairy, gay, Jewish everyman, the artist disarms the viewer into believing that his work is pure slapstick comedy. However, the work's real value is in its subtle subversiveness: by duping us into temporarily thinking the work is not about us, we eventually realize that we are indeed the target of his social commentary.
This exhibit is mounted concurrently with his installation at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park's exhibition, Lighten Up: Art with a Sense of Humor, from February 3 to May 28, 2001. The work of Cary S. Leibowitz is held in numerous collections including the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington, DC, the Peter and Eileen Norton Foundation and the Robert J. Schiffler Foundation to name a few.
Multiples Available:
I remember when disco counted ice, cube trays

Sissy, footballs

Modesty, Shield frisbees

Don't hate me because…, yardsticks

Depression, pennants - set of four

Being a grownup is hard / Being a kid isn't ez, babybottles


Ice cream, 4 art ice cream scoops

Self Esteem is for Lovers, buttons

Please check 1, memo pads

Business Hours: sad to be bored, signs

I love my loser son, postcards

Liza Minelli for President, rain ponchos


What did you call me?, Pigs

Please, don't steal my radio, I’m queer windshield visors

I will make a cubist painting... teddy bear

Schlock it to me T-shirts

I missed the Canyass Carnival in '91… T-shirt

Candyass kitchen plates - set of six

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