Penn Young - twenty-five paintings from art history
november 30 - december 23, 2004
  from winter white, january 2004
opening reception friday, december 3, 5:30 - 7:30 







Clifford • Smith Gallery is pleased to announce its December exhibition of new paintings by Penn Young in an installation titled, Twenty-five Paintings from Art History. There will be a reception for the artist on Friday, December 3rd, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.

With the exhibitionTwenty-five Paintings from Art History, Penn Young returns to making work visually based on art historical paintings, one of the themes seen in his first show at the gallery. And while these small works on panel appear to be a departure from the museum-scale pieces he has been creating over the last few years, Penn Young’s paintings, whether huge or small, contain enormous energy and content. And with work of this size, where the scale of the pieces themselves and the marks that make them are intimate yet powerful, the visibility of the artist’s hand becomes one of the primary elements in viewing the paintings.

The allegorical nature of many of the titles adds yet another layer of depth to these small works. While the function of the titles in the original paintings is hardly more than expository, by appropriating such familiar references and combining them with lyrical and completely abstract interpretations, Young transforms the literal into the poetic.

This is Penn Young’s second solo exhibition at Clifford • Smith Gallery.

For more information please e-mail the gallery or call 617.695.0255 


Penn Young

Jane Avril Dancing


oil on board

9" x 6.75"